Major Pentatonic Scale -Easy Guitar Soloing in a Major Key


  1. Tim Morphy

    James – great video but a little confused. On your essential scale guide you have a method of finding a D major pentatonic and you do so by finding D on the low E string 10th fret and then putting the little finger on the 10th fret and then starting the major pentatonic pattern. On this video where you move down 3 frets you start the pattern with your index finger and not the little finger…….

  2. boogieplex

    The HUGE component that people should know when moving their minor penta down 3 frets to major,is NOT to use it the same way; your root note has changed,and thus "home base" is not the same not.therefore your minor penta licks must be adjusted to land on the correct root note. same with thirds and fifths and so on…..

  3. Anant Goswami

    WOOOHOOO!! Mate, i am supposed to solo over a Major pentatonic scale, and i only know Minor pentatonic. Life Saver mate!!

  4. Geoffrey Belle

    Hello James!
    Great lesson and very nice playing over that BT!!!
    Well done. 🙂
    Have a great Sunday.

  5. Vernon Robinson

    James did you do any work on that Harley Benton sc450 as the lead blues sound is awesome …

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