Metal Guitar Lesson – Free Metal Guitar Lick #2


  1. zykos1

    @wickedwizardofspeed dude,he's giving us licks so WE can modify them,change them etc. you don't have to play it EXCACTLY as him,use your brain and start think how to use them in your own way!

  2. Solero Ali

    @wkriski Hey Can you give lessons on , not how to get quicker but like…scales arpeggios etc which i could learn, so i could practise them and get quicker (:

  3. subzero1247

    Not a lick… but a nice little riff. try putting a real lick man i'd like to see what ya can do

  4. Will Kriski

    it can take more time to start writing. that's why i'm doing these licks now to help you get better and also use them in your own playing

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