Metal Guitar Lessons – Metal Lick #1


  1. TheBlash

    1:46 sounds exactly like 48:49 of the song Light of Day, Day of Darkness by Green Carnation. And I love it.

  2. zykos1

    wow, I just LOVE metal music, and that was AWESOME! I'm gonn' practice that lick real hard :))

  3. Will Kriski

    @f0ckt the 3 note pattern at the beginning was down up down, down up down, etc. so down up on the 6th, down on the 5th string…so 2 downstrokes in a row but the 5th string note lasts longer so there is more time to repeat a downstroke…you could try strict alternate picking which changes the pattern

  4. Will Kriski

    @filipopolis1976 yes it's podxt playing thru cheap computer speakers using headphone jack and recorded via usb microphone. no amp or monitors. i use some patches like 'satch marshall' that are available for free at the line6 site.

  5. l0lercaust

    at 1:50 is that related to the notes themselves or just the picking pattern of bass bass note bass bass note

  6. MDeadly

    This is actually a brilliant lesson to combine the alternate picking into riffing. With most modern metal, this kind of technique is necessary. Thanks!

  7. jmiskinis

    Great video. I can't believe how well you can down/up pick the 6th string, then downpick the 5th string without hitting the 6th string, playing it that fast! I think it sounds really cool, and I'm trying to learn this.

    I wish you mentioned which frets/string you were hitting
    later, when you were expanding on the riff, I'm still
    trying to figure them out.

    You really play amazingly, I hope you post more metal
    stuff like this. I also love your video on creating metal riffs. Thanks again!

  8. SirRiffraff

    Hey man, nice vid and nice Lick!

    Droped D tuning i guess?

    Get on like this. good job.

  9. Jacob Banner

    did u make this yourself…???
    its awsome dude 😀 and u might look tired but that just shows how hard u work to help dudes who cant play… keep it it up man thanks…

  10. Oscar Bromvall

    Whats up with the mean comments? This guy rocks 🙂 And he want to help the guys who need some ideas.

  11. ZXMX

    Great lick, really nice for mixing up my own style. It's a nice chug to a clean note. Awesome as always man keep em coming.

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