Our Song – Taylor Swift – Beginner Acoustic Guitar lesson


  1. Rex Pearson

    Hey man, this is a very cool lesson! ive just created some beginner courses that you might want to check out on my channel. Its the Hub of a new website >> RexPearson. com << would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think


  2. Tanisha Galant

    when i play this on my guitar …its sounds diferent 4rm urs ……. its like my guitar is off tune somewhere 🙁

  3. Alicia Domke

    ok, so im learning this on electric guitar, so is it gunna sound different than an acoustic?

  4. John S

    I think you need to learn the chords rather than rely on looking at finger positions. If you leanr the chord, you will lknow it forever. Follow the instruction it is explained. Thanks John S

  5. 3SNT

    Thanks for keeping it simple. This is the best lesson out there of this song (: Your awesome!

  6. aag rlc

    thanks soo much!!! this is awesome, and it helped so much

  7. Zucelle Gaviola

    waaah!!! i cant get the strumming pattern.. im making my own it sounds ok but never that best:(

  8. John S

    My kickstartguitar website has over 200 video lessons just like this one. Lazyfret

  9. Caron Shorrock

    I can only thank you for he amount of stuff you have successfully taught to me… Keep up the video's, I will get round to recording what I have learn't and reply with them sometime!! I could do with some constructive criticism

  10. Alyssa

    thanks… of all the vids, i guess this taught me the most..

    ur awsome and i love the accent! 🙂

  11. Jinlou

    I like when folks teach like you do. Mention the strumming, the chords. Good job. Thanks.

  12. Caroline Siller

    thankyou so much this has helped me so much! i've never played guitar in my life, and i still understand this and can acceptionably play it!:D

  13. Gary Ho

    you are cool.
    it's nice that you're playing alot more recent songs.

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