YGS – Back to December – Taylor Swift – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson


  1. Lara

    can you do F the way you do in some of your other videos?

  2. Janni

    Oh man, your videos are so great. I definitely have to donate somemoney on your site, I really want to support these videos you make 🙂
    Thank you and keep it up!

  3. noname

    Thanks, My 5 year old loves this song. If I can learn to play this well it may inspire her to pick up and practice the 3/4 guitar I got for her.

  4. pitpony007

    i reckon you could give me one of ur guitars….you got lots man….like the new hair do……lol…

  5. YourGuitarSage

    @LSS94 Did you get ebook 2? Get that and watch the vids that I put up for that. All of those are not public yet and just available for ebook2 purchasers. More songs coming!

  6. TiANr0ckst4r

    LOL haha what if brit watches this vid??XD Hahah…''I Mean Shes Hot But Come On'' XD Haha Epic

  7. Joor

    Taylor Swift are so boring..just the same 4 cords. How about some Radiohead songs 🙂

  8. LaurenKiyomi

    I was so excited to see Back to December as an uploaded song! I've been wanting to learn it for awhile now! You are by far my favorite guitar teacher on YouTube!! 🙂

  9. asia8m93

    you look like HOUSE M.D. !! and you are musician too that is cool

  10. Sydney Short

    WONDERFUL!!! This is an awesome vid that shows all the chords and everything!
    One question; How do you always teach my favorite songs on your videos? You are amazing! 🙂

  11. LSS94

    hey man, I have a question…..

    I play guitar for 2 years now, and in the beginning I loved to watch your videos, they were simple and sounded cool, but nooow: I'm a little bit farer, I can play bar chords and difficult rythm pettons, and I'd love if you did some more difficult songs !!

    much love man 🙂

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