A Weird Trick to Pick Twice as Fast: SWYBRYD PICKING for Electric Guitar


  1. Jib Wangler

    it isn't a Paul Gilbert lick, it was an Al DiMeola lick, I did it on one string. Gilbert also stole my lick I made up when I was 13, he calls it his trademark like but he got MY lick from the old 'phone exchange' of the 80's where assholes got a lot of my stuff via some local assholes. Gilbert doesn't do anything original, it's all ripped off from various people, famous and unknown. Shawn Lane got a lot of my stuff via the 'phone exchange'. Regarding the hybrid stuff, nice but I think it locks people into confined patterns of chunks of notes. It's hard enough breaking out of that stuff regarding strict alternate mixed with some 'sweeping', what people call sweeping I called 'raking' as a child. I have a finger style that is similar to hybrid stuff, but I prefer to keep picking strict and separate from finger style for the evenness of attack. The licks that Shawn Lane got from me are very specific, certain arpeggios/2 note per string/alternate picked, exact phrases, the way he entered sliding into arpeggios, and certain songs, piano, and bending. The early live Lane stuff I knew he heard tapes of me when I was only 13 or so, because I hear him doing my stuff and I used to goof around and do this crazy fast licks then slide up on and G string and bend it in a crazy joking manner, he did it live and thought I was being serious lol. There's also an audio only upload of Gilbert and Lane wanking on guitar and Lane isn't playing his typical style, he's practicing my 2 note arpeggio lick I made up when I was about 15 or so. Slide into it on the E string, play two notes major sixth add nine across all six strings then leap over and hit the note on the D string etc, exactly like I play it. That's when I knew without any doubt he heard tapes or me… or was given my stuff by this local piece of shit that plagiarized my music.

  2. Goldarlives

    Cool! Once I learn how to sweep pick, I’ll try incorporating this into my playing.

  3. Groove Fretboard

    Great vid! Gotta learn that. Check my new guitar fretboard design. Adds extra x note to pulloffs. I'll send you 1 to review.

  4. Don Ricchio

    Sounds great. Brett Garsed and many others have been using the technique for years. Keep shredding

  5. bullhunter45

    Thanks Marshall, I am practicing hybrid picking and came on this video. I am going to start trying this as it makes a lot of sense and you make it sound incredible. Thank you so much for any knowledge and experience you can pass on.

  6. Double D Wrex

    I kind of do the same thing, albeit not as effectively, but it's only cause I'm too lazy to work on picking. I think this style of picking would match with how I pick already, so thanks a bunch good sir!

  7. YHWH revength

    You're playing through an amp but I can barely hear your guitar. Maybe get a DI box next time

  8. JoseitoEdlVodao

    Oh God, as I was learning "I Am a Viking" with Semi-Alternate…..I think I'm going to go study music theory and chords…..forget it!!!

  9. Petter

    I was so sure that he was going to play something troll. Or have a shitty technique…

  10. krelbar

    Hi Marshall..is it normal for it to be awkward for a long while getting this technique down? I have trouble even playing it slow.

  11. Dan Anderson

    Marshall You are Wicked Brother. Thank you for this cool tip. You are one of the Baddest players for sure.

  12. Mike Smithson

    Killer stuff, Marshall. Thanks for sharing with the community. You are a true asset.

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