Chris Stapleton – Death Row (Audio)


  1. Benjamin Capps

    Locked up at the Walls Unit in Texas my job was prepairing the "Death House" on execution days. One after doing thos watching TV reporters out my window I heard this song and it hit home. Its really deep when heard from the inside where executions happen on a regular basis.

  2. B.j. Langford

    Would really love to see Chris Stapleton and Warren Haynes government mule put together a good album.

  3. Jeremiah Johnson

    Good shit Chris, again! Glad someone brought real country back. Haven't been able to play an album front to back in awhile!!!

  4. Edi Bidi

    I'm an outlaw cowboy in my mind because of Chris Stapleton. His songs puts my Heart and mind in peace

  5. kaylee belay

    This song reminds me of son of anarchy…and he reminds me of my favorite character…r.i.p. haha

  6. Wes Bot

    Sometimes you need some blues to remember you can still feel

  7. Billy Caldwell

    I have been with him since the first time I saw them at a bluegrass fest. Outlaw county needs to make a come back…and he is here to was sad that the world didn't see him before Justin Timberlake sang with my this guy.!!!!

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