Connecting 3 Relative Scales For A Guitar Solo – Guitar Solo Lesson EricBlackmonGuitar HQ


  1. Jay Marx

    Super cool stuff Eric. I love the way you break these tutorials down. Could you please do one on EWF, On Your Face and Imagination from the 1977 Spirit Album. Thanks in advance.

  2. downhill2400

    Great lesson Eric! I'll share this on my Google+ page too. Can you feel it Eric? The big 200k is comin' ya man!! LOL

  3. Ray Ross

    Eric, you are like a wise sage one finds living in a castle a top a mountain. Thanks for putting the tools together for us in such a clear way. Are you mainly self taught or did you have a great teacher?


    you put this together very well, starting with a solid foundation, introducing elements, putting them together, then, flowing it…very effective methodology


    throw a D Dorian in there, and, you'll have a REAL party! Love the vid; please, keep posting

  6. Lajos Vas

    are there pentatonic scale on C major out so i do not have to design it myslef? and what tones and pentatonics do i have to use on solo part for country music . and lovesongs. is it only C major? or A majpr scales?? or are there solo requiring another startinfg tone. i mean like fret5 for a major solo. usually for Rock and Blues pentatonic scale. and fret 7 for C major penattonic scale for other songs . love songs. i guess country music use a Majos 5th fret aswell. Sorry6 my friend. i m a beginner and i like play solo parts on rock. pop and country and love songs. my question might be wired..

  7. Lajos Vas

    Question.. i want to play a solo to love songs. not Blues.. like Jim Reeves song.. i struggled find the beginning tone. because it saw that A on 5th fret penatatonic scale does not sound right… so is it on &th Fret C majos scale for solo.. just move the pentatonic scale fro A %th Fret to C 7th Fret. i believe on the 7th Fret can all solo form lovesong and countru music be played now. but it is a idea. i will have to find out. i just now came to that. as i wanted to play pentatonic solo of Jim Reeves song . i realized it is pentatonic but not the usual A on 5th fret. have to move on 7th fret . i will have to do on papaer that C -7thftet now. as going back in solo fron 7th fret is new and unusual.i always playd on 5th fret. until ow with the JimReeves songs i struggled completely. so i knew i have to move to another tone .C instad of A.

  8. Craig Fussell

    Awesome tutorial Man! Can’t wait to start exploring this! So helpful! Thanks!!βœŒπŸ»πŸ™‚πŸŽΈ

  9. Ric L

    What about some Jazz standards too??? ,it's about that Jazz and Funk 4 me !!!!

  10. Ric L

    Your Lessons are what I've been needing , I need to get a bunch of tunes to learn to get back out on the music scene and jam !!!! Your the best !!!

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