Daily Guitar Practice Tips #4 – Hand Synchronization – Steve Stine Guitar Lessons


  1. Slavko Banan

    What a shame Youtube did not exist in 1985 when i got my first guitar…thankfuly I found Your lessons as they say better late than never.I watched different experts on Youtube but I have to admit that Your methods and explanation are spot on without unnecessary talk and showing off Your own skills which no doubt are top notch…Thank You for claryfing all that mess in my head.Regards from Poland

  2. Anthony Romero

    My uncle sent my this video, I'm trying. 80BPM, I now is not fast but is started today.

  3. avi's

    Video is helpful :
    I do practice near similar exercises
    As taught by my local guitar teacher
    It's really helpful

  4. Julius Almeida

    YOU'RE THE BEST! You always help us–the students–to learn very well practices. T H A N K S !


    thank you sir for providing such stuff and your lessons they are very helpful and you are a best teacher i learn only from you

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