Flamenco Tremolo (5 Note) Guitar Technique


  1. morgan300c

    To me the most daunting aspect of learning flamenco guitarist first was the tremolo. There comes a point where you realize you are going to hit a wall if you don’t grasp the technique. Constant repetition will get you there. Once you get a tiny bit of speed it’s extreme satisfying and motivates you to keep going.

  2. Bee JayGee

    And I thought playing the Rumba and Flamenco strum pattern was hard…if I crack this then I will be well chuft .

  3. Tom Bosworth


    love the lesson, is there any chance you could point me in the right direction for tabs for the last part of the video?

  4. and1f34

    you need just prectise…. dont think about how much time you will spend on that. prectise just becuase you want to learn that, not because someone told you to learn that. its not that hard just prectise.

  5. Tore Henrik Jacobsen

    how long time did people spendt their time on this .
    how mutch time does it take to play like that

    many years one year some months

  6. SLAP

    i hope i can c the tabs (your left hand) so i can practice thank u so much u have helped us sooo much

  7. Marc Chrysanthou

    He uses a capo on 2nd fret, but it can be played straight (on top 4 strings) starting from Bm barre, leading into F#7, then a Bb diminished chord that's slid up 3 frets (C#dim)

  8. Marc Chrysanthou

    He uses a capo on 2nd fret, but you can play it straight using Bm barre, leading into F#7 (index 4th fret d string, ring 6th fret g string, 2nd finger 5th fret b string,pinkie on 7th then 6th fret e string) then into a diminished chord (index 8th fret d string, middle 9th fret g string, 2nd finger 8th fret b string, pinkie 9th fret e string) that's slid up 3 frets

  9. Ali Bozkurt PRODUCTIONS

    thank you very much for the video,could you show/write the chords too while you tremolo from 0:14 – 0:37 ??
    great video

  10. Fernando Roman

    muy buenos todos los videos, muy agradecido.
    Tiene lecciones para musica tipica colombiana ? bambucos, torbellinos, guabinas , pasillos, pasajes .

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