From Scale to Melody! Simple way to Write a Melody on Guitar using the E minor Scale.


  1. sam shamgar

    U really deserve the best applaud ever sir, ur teaching skills sre amazing…thanks a lot.. ur videos really helped me a lot to improve my playing.. god bless u

  2. SeekerPoppy

    Hi Marco, I love your lessons. could you do a lesson for " o mio babbino caro " – the beautiful Puccini song

  3. Steven Brooks

    Marco, thank you very much. I overlooked that, sorry. I've learned a lot from you already. You are a very fine teacher and very gifted guitarist. Not only learning to play the beautiful pieces also learning some theory and how scales, root notes and timing intertwine. Wonderful job. May God bless you Marco.

  4. Steven Brooks

    Your playing is something I'm able to do. Your style is fairly easy. My only request would be to write in notation which is what I'm used to. There maybe others like me. I'm a somewhat experienced beginner. Thank you so much for your clear teaching.

  5. marty james

    really useful lesson again. these lessons are so helpful – thanks again Marco

  6. stephen williams

    Really like where your heading with this style of lesson..🖒🖒 interesting to better understand the connection between the notes that make up the chord & how and when the triads are used in solos and the timing of when to use them. Great work Marco. .. very well presented and done step by step… lovin yr teaching style!!

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