How to play ‘Indians’ by Anthrax Guitar Lesson w/tabs


  1. Bleed Metal

    I know you're probably working on many other requests but could you please consider teaching the solo to Arise by Sepultura? I seen it tabbed wrong, often. Also, lots of respect, you are a beast!

  2. Okan ERTÜRK

    Maybe both solo from Dry County by Bon Jovi next? That would be great! Rock on!

  3. izdou1

    Hi Chris
    Huge fan!!!
    Can u please do intro solo of we called it america by Nofx please
    Thanks 🤟

  4. Kuko

    hey Chris, can you upload a video about how to play threat signal – when all said and done and counterbalance solo, that would be awesome thnx!

  5. River Hughes

    Hey man, my first request, could you do "coming down" by 5fdp? That would be so cool man!

  6. Noah Seville

    can you PLEASE show me what the hell is going on in both solos from warriors of time by black tide. much love

  7. smiljanicn

    Hi Chris, thanks for all these lessons! There is a not well known Montreal based, Serbian virtuoso, Borislav Mitic that has cover of Liszt/Pagannini – La Campanella in a shred fest composition. If you could analyse that solo, it has been bothering some players I know for 20 years or so. I think you are one of few that could reverse engineering that solo. Cheers

  8. spicykimchi1

    Thanks for the solo! Dan Spitz is an under-rated guitarist, that's for sure!

  9. Peter Pizzarelli

    Awesome. More thrash would be sick, Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt of Exodus had heaps of sick solos during the late 80's. No Love, Faster Than You'll Ever Live to be, Brain Dead, Verbal Razors

  10. Patch257

    Any chance of more guns n roses? Or a sweet child o mine re do?

  11. The Most Complete

    I know what you should do…BREAKING ALL ILLUSIONS solo!ooorrrrr BREAKING ALL ILLUSIONS SOLO!!!i know you will do the right thing and do BREAKING ALL ILLUSIONS SOLO!!!hey chris..can you do BREAKING ALL ILLUSIONS solo?

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