Jim Croce – Working at the Car Wash Blues.


  1. AZCobraman

    I've loved Jim since I was a kid….but the Ovations….oh the humanity.

  2. Kevin Shannon

    Jim Croce was great, and his music still is. The modern day me too movement would undoubtedly protest this song, but no matter. I love it anyway. Props aslo to Maury Muehlheisen for helping Jim to be so great. I wish both where still around.

  3. william rasp

    Randy Newman gave Jim that shirt! He thought he needed a new shirt to go on the t.v with!

  4. ysgol3

    Brilliantly clever, witty song. I remember seeing it broadcast on Whistle Test all those years ago and haven't seen it since ! So thank you !! (BTW I always thought he did Operator too, but your list says he didn't ? Ah well…)

  5. PipeSmokingPop

    Watch Maury's fingering during the chorus – Amazing! This is my favorite Croce song, and this run-thru is spectacular.

  6. sonyahannah

    Admitting with a blush that this song inspired one of my own, MANY moons ago: "[I've Got] The Sleep-walking, Keep-talking, Love-sighing, Night-crying Blues." Now, if I had JUST possessed his talent with voice and guitar, I might have had a hit! Heavy sigh. . .

  7. greenhawk46

    I miss this folk poet/singer/writer we lost him WAY too soon- R.I.P. pal and your son is carrying on in your tradition, and doing it well.

  8. Hal Noyes

    The greatest troubadour to ever walk the earth. Taken far too soon.

  9. Jay Jones

    Loved it since I was a kid!!! "Now I got them steadily-depressing. low-down, mind-messing, workin'-at-the-car-wash blues…"

  10. Truthshoes101

    Great song and artist. Who would really thumb down that? Shame on them. Be nice if FB had a thumb down that is where it would count.

  11. Steve Hawkins

    One of a small group of musicians who found beauty in an Ovation. Glen Campbell owned & played several. Miss Jim & Maury.

  12. John Kovel

    Maury so unheralded and mostly forgotten… I loved his guitar work. I heard that they originally started out with aurum as the front man?

  13. foundandlost

    "The man wouldn't listen to the fact that I was a genius, the man said we got all that we can use…" One of the best lines in rock.

  14. James C

    My favorite songwriter/guitarist of all time. Just a joy to listen to.

  15. Craig Rebo

    oh my…. growing up a little boy in central PA I heard his music allot! what a talent! Maury lit those songs up like no other! what an amazing duo! such a tragic loss…

  16. joey padovano

    For the Croce fan, this is a treasure. There was no one like him, he had a style all his own.

  17. jfq722

    ok guitar players….what chord is jim playing at 2:35 over the words 'yea I got them'…..I play a d7 at the 3rd fret but he is clearly not.

  18. ThePattyo7

    if you can listen to his music and not smile..sorry to tell you but you're dead..

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