Learning To Jam On Songs You Love: 80’s Edition “CARS” Guitar Lesson


  1. CeltGuitR

    Fantastic. breakdown, build it back up, great Vid!
    Sniff 'n the tears – Driver's seat, next
    wink wink
    I love the solo at the end, rock on!

  2. SoundYogi

    although I watch your channel occasionally because you are good, I subscribe to too many already…but with this lesson you forced me to subscribe. 😉

  3. Dspeir

    OMG Ian I love this song ! At first I was totally against new wave . I had a Black Sabbath t-shirt that said "New wave sux" on the back of it . But bands like The Fixx, The Vapors, Till Tuesday, The Cars and the B-52s quickly changed my mind . Thanks for the cool upload 😉

  4. kimbiwa

    Man, you don't look quite old enough to love this tune, but I'm good with that. I', betting I'm about 5-10 years older than you. This was a kick-ass song. I first saw him perform on TV on the Tom Snyder Show, which was the show BEFORE David Letterman had his show, on NBC. I was probably 8th or 9th grade? Cool idea, man!

  5. Daniel Hunter

    I was in the UK some years ago and Gary Numan came up. I impulsively chimed, "Cars, great song! Too bad he only had one in him.". Numan, of course, was huge in Europe with a string of hits.

  6. Mike Stich

    Ian…is your last name really Stich? Its pretty cool that we have the same last name, play guitar, and seem to like similar music. Glad I found your channel.

  7. jason hullihen

    hey i have one for you how about sean costello i have always loved his blend of swing jazz and blues..

  8. Cheddar Kung Pao

    Great lesson and great solo but I gotta nitpick here Ian. The main riff goes D C# A A A G where that final G lands with the crack sound, it's like a quick 16th note or something. But to me it's the whole flavor of the song so leaving it out is no bueno. 🙂

  9. Tom Spallone

    I guess my question is; why go full catering to the chord, when you can just stay in the key”s scale and accentuate when a chord changes?

  10. Teal Love

    Hey Stich. Just heard on the radio Fire by the Pointer Sisters. Would love for you to play that.

  11. Drew Tullio

    First let me just say I lovvve the music from the 80's, you totally need to do a few more videos like this… Okay so my question is this, why of all the D's on the fretboard did you aim to end specifically on that one?

  12. elfhermie

    Love that song! Thanks! On Thursday, could you talk a little bit about those "oooh, that sounded really good right there" jamming moments where you stumble upon an improv'd line or phrase that catches your ear and you want to use it more than once as a little motif/musical theme every now and then between meandering/noodling? Those serendipity/eureka moments are kind of like sweet vacation spots our ears like to revisit and suntan in for a while, kind of like fishing hot spots. Thanks!

  13. Dean Richardson

    I graduated high school in 83 so I remember this song coming out. Man I loved this song. Also a big Cars fan back in the day.

  14. Iminent

    If you aren't very heavily influenced by Jerry Garcia, I will eat my shirt. This was great. Glad I found your channel.

    Heh… Just went through your content… Now I feel silly. Of course you are lol.

  15. Tom Spallone

    More like this please.
    Tuff to change gears on that G. Same kind of thing on the Whipping Post thing.
    Learning….. 👍

  16. Christian Kern

    Great one! Do more videos like this, about the songs you love. That thing's contagious! 😃


    Am I the only one that sees Stich and Sean as "The Skipper and Gilligan"??? There is no way I'm alone on this one… 🙂

  18. Robert Wilson

    Well that was out of the box. Not what I expected from my Stichmethod fix today. I'm gonna jam the shit out of this tonight tho. Haha

  19. Penumbra

    The 80s was a very creative decade for pop. Blues rock took a long needed vacation after its 70s reign. My grocery store (Publix) loves 80s music on their PA. Cool video Stitch.

  20. Sebastian G.

    Slash probably developed the Sweet Child O Mine Intro playing around the riff on the 12th fret.

  21. Chris Soares

    Love this! I'm a walking contradiction. I was an 80's teen. Love both the 80's Metal and New Wave. Saw bands like Culture Club and Judas Priest in concert. In pop music- both sides of the dial. Gary Numan is great. Depeche Mode next? 😉

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