Nuages, Django Reinhardt, solo guitar, lesson available


  1. Nico Haupt

    hmm, i find it very contradicting to lay this beat under the piece. it is a dreamy little melody not a march.

  2. direwolf49

    You play an eclectic swath of guitarist, do you have a favorite ? Hard choice I know so many great ones so lets stay with live ones. Mine might be say, Knopfler over Clapton. Your thoughts ?

  3. Nigel Thomas

    Great Jake. Right up there with your versions of All My Love and Deacon Blue. A full sound without losing the lyricism. Superb!

  4. Federico Bautista

    Beautiful,Jake! One question, what do you suggest for improvising over the first chord, bVI? I can't pull anything that sounds good. Is it a tritone substitution? A b5 dominant? What scales can I play over it? Keep up the good work!

  5. rocketpost1

    Great playing Jake, I just loved it. Very mellow and reminiscent of other great players like Joe Pass and Russell Malone.

  6. heliospuppy

    This is the best guitar version of "Nuages" I've heard–very well done! What happened to the guitar your playing (bridge pickup area)? Jeff

  7. slctdmbntwrx

    after about 3 minutes in, it's just about absolute slickness. Thanks for that.

  8. jamesedwardtheobald

    funny thing is allan's 'nuages' and 'how deep is the ocean' from 'none too soon' he doesn't actually play the melodies, i was just looking at a chart of this last night, thanks for the lesson!

  9. Jake Reichbart

    Thanks for the nice comments, everybody! Please also "like" the video above, I hear this helps with exposure and YouTube placing… Jake

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