R&B Guitar Lesson (Number System part 2)


  1. william allen

    Thank you. It was hard finding someone who could explain the number system clearly. Trust me you did an amazing job.

  2. my cus

    #'S  1        2      3             4
          C        D      Em          Fm

  3. xbabygirltx

    Hey ash thank you for this vid! I play at my church and love it but I must admit I would get a bit confused about the type of chords used for r'n'b in particular – which is crazy considering I already knew/used the major/minor 7th chords but just didn't know how to match it up to the number system as such. Thank you for bridging that gap for me! 🙂

  4. Ishmael Cato

    I love this lesson on the Major Scale Number System but can you do a lesson on the Minor Scale number System? Thanks so much sis.

  5. Stephon Brown

    Hi Ashlee!! I'm a HUGGGGEE fan of u! But quick question, can u PLEEASE post a video of (only) the jazzy licks and scales that you do? not the chords I've been looking everywhere for those type of vids but can't find any good ones 🙁

  6. VERNUCHI688

    Damn girl, you make an excellent teacher. I like how you explain in detail with humor.

  7. Nicholas VanDeWalker

    Thank you SO much! I've been playing guitar since fifth grade and am now a freshman at Middle Tennessee State University studying commercial songwriting. I played the piano so I learned very basic  music theory and then taught myself how to play the guitar and until recently I have really been trying to expand my knowledge as I have been limited to major/minor chords almost exclusively because chords like these made no sense at all. I am an avid listener of Jeremy Passion and Gabe Bondoc (check them out if you haven't heard them) and they constantly use these jazzy r&b chords and I have been beyond bewildered at how they were making their guitar sound like that until now haha. You are one of if not the only person out there that has been able to have this make sense to me as I have been scouring the internet trying to find out what exactly is going on and I appreciate the fact you incorporated some basic theory with the scales into the video as well. It "dumbed it down" per say without taking too much away from the real theory. You might also want to check out an account called "nicknenjay09" and they have a similar style. Again thank you so much and you keep doing your thang Ashlee!

  8. MrJonathanEmmanuel

    Request!! Kem "Share My Life" ….Btw 3:113:25 Hilarity 😀 Side note. I have not seen (before your vids) someone who can break down theory and still keep it simple. Most instructional vids stray away from it completely because its so INTIMIDATING. Thanks for giving theory a black eye for all of us who have been too overwhelmed to even try. 🙂 Keep em coming!!!! 

  9. 2Timbi

    you have a lovely baby.
    You made me loving the 7th chord.
    Thank you, and Happy new year 2015.

  10. Ashten Reese

    Thank you so much for this, I learned so much. Do you mind doing a tutorial for Tori Kelly's new song Funny?

  11. Clyde Villain

    I learned ALL the jazz and Rnb from you. Haha now im trying to learn riffs and runs and hammer ons. 

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