Shark Inlay Viking Guitar Headstock Inlay


  1. J Alan

    I'm sure the headstock turned out excellent…couldn't tell anything from the poor video quality though :/

  2. Glenn B.

    Would like to have seen the finished piece.!!
    Over all cool idea on useing the steel as the

  3. SharkInlay

    The body is at an angle to the CAM table so the headstock can lay flat. Not shown in the video.

  4. Lydomina

    How are you doing this on an SG? Did you drill out the original neck from the guitar? They're set in aren't they? Also, if that's the case, do you repaint the neck yourself to match the body?

  5. SharkInlay

    @NickR1980 It depends on the version of the logo. This is the 1950's style, which is my favorite. I thing you're thinking of the 1980's style.

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