1966 Fender Mustang rides again !!


  1. WeAll SeekTheSame

    Sensei you are one helluva player too.. been doing luthier work for about 20yr now full time in my guitar shop, but what I've learned from you in a month since I've discovered your channel I wouldn't trade anything for… You have validated a lot of my self taught methods but more importantly opened up so many more avenues for me to make a living… Thank you SO MUCH!

  2. Robert Kibbler

    Mike,nice video.but can you tell me if the body is from a mustang!, or some other offset waist fender,or has the scratch plate been replaced and it now covers the position of the two pup. Switches? It doesn't look right somehow.my MIJ. Mg69 re-issue (can't afford an original USA one.) which I rescued from a pawn shop a few years ago which had been fret levelled by an idiot with a large file on the first four frets rendering it unplayable… I have since refretted it and it now plays nice.its in mint condition apart from one replaced pickup.a fender lace pickup?Love your videos.cheers Rob from England

  3. Zeek Duff

    Yeah, that open E69M7 just won't happen for me on anything bigger than 24" anymore. I have 2 Mustangs & a MIM Jag that has the @#$%^&* truss rod screw on the end so you gotta remove the neck to adjust it, even though they did route out a tiny groove in front of it on the body and pickguard, it isn't deep enough to be used. I wrote a thing on several Fender sites & forums demanding, begging they never ever, NEVER make another truss rod adjustment that can't be gotten at unless the neck is removed. I got about 200 likes, but I bet Fender has never seen that, either. Oh, all those have HBs, a lot of switching options, but I usually find one setting I like & leave it. I love my Sienna Burst American Standard Strat, but damn that kong long scale… OH, I also have a Squire Thinline Tele that's a 24 3/4", didn't notice until I'd had some years & one day thought it a lot like my Gibsons, so I measured it, well I'll be… Nice job on that beauty, wish you were nearby Mike, I'd have a slew of work for you. Yeah, I do it myself, but I'm old & lazy, too. 🤗

  4. Riverdeepnwide

    This is so cool to see a resurrected oldie and it is a little beauty.
    My '57 Strat bought nearly 50 years ago was a mess with a cracked headstock, multiple thick layers of various enamels on the body and neck, burnt to the wood in places. I could never find the history on it but it was sitting in pieces in a basket back in the corner of a little local mom & pop shop. After getting it back to playable as best I knew how at the time and through the years it has been my main guitar and still the special one of all to me.
    Your videos teach volumes I love 'em!

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