Eddie Van Halen Signature Guitar Set Up by Pace Guitar Repai


  1. Aldrik Ethelward

    hahahaha 4 springs with 3 go to hard the trem but 4 springs my god…. learn to adjust well the floyd with 2 springs more tension and find the correct tune changing the d tuna is posible but difficult i spend hours but now i have soft trem and when i put d tuna in or out other strings maintain affination 🙂

  2. Layne Franklin

    Ron Pace, the best guitar setter upper in Texas. That's a technical term btw. When Ron sets em up, they play like butter…

  3. guitarsamurai1

    how high are the two posts on the floyd?
    i have the red white and black evh and i lowered the posts so that the floyd rests flat against the body. I keep getting string buzz only on one string(the sixth). the nut is already tight. should i add a shim to the nut or is there a way to raise and lower the nut? do you think adding a shim on the nut would solve the string buzz? any thoughts?

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