Guitar Lesson. Messiahsez Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson. Picking From Looking Good By Magic Sam!


  1. The Sepia Trio

    Great video man! Love how you make everything look so fun! Just uploaded my first slide guitar video which I learnt to play mainly from you! Really like your vids keep it going! (:

  2. Music Letters

    Which one do you prefer: Marty Schwartz or Justin Sandercoe as Guitaryoutubeteacher? Or any other? And do you have time now for a nice letter 🙂 you could write to me about your movie experience, that would be really interesting! Like "Hollywood" by Charles Bukowski 🙂

  3. James Bond

    perfect pickin man. excellent. or as we would say down here in the south, you gotter dunn.

  4. Randy Schartiger

    wow uploaded 8 hours ago and only 282 views! it's happening to my channel too, I wish Youtube would stop fucking with shit! good video mang! much love!

  5. Malchus The Rueful

    I wish I could do fingerpicking like you, I could only do baroque style chords.
    Fun tutorials as always! Full of energy and love of teaching!

  6. Ritech 49

    I like it (and all other lessons too)😅, hey can I ask you something? What do you think about ZZ Top?

    And I wish you a fantastic day!

  7. thrillhausen Alt

    I need your counsel Master Wizard, I was singing the lyrics "Mean things on my mind' but sung 'Mean 'tings on my mind (by accident) is this normal?

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