How I Learn Songs By Ear With “Amazing Slow Downer” App – Guitar Gear


  1. snailspace

    A friend showed me how to learn stuff off records in the days before YouTube and slow-downers. However, once I discovered tablature, I quickly became dependent on it — to the point where I wouldn't ever bother to learn a tune that didn't have tab. Over the past couple of years, though, I've started making myself learn more and more things by ear again. Tablature has its place, but having a good ear is essential — thanks for sharing this informative and important lesson!

  2. Nicky Palero

    Can you sir please make a fingerstyle tutorial of final masquerade by linkin park uhhmmm the one they played from their acoustic album.
    I've been dying to learn it.

  3. Sophie Skye

    Could you do Nobody Said It Was Easy by The Four Horseman? Thanks Marty!

  4. Mike D.

    Way to much work, I'll leave that for you, I'll just learn it from your channel most times. Thank you!!

  5. boourself

    Thank you for a very useful app and for showing how to play your super lick. I finally mastered it perfectly now. Groovy.

  6. MrAgent00i

    Hey Marty, I would love to see a video of you reviewing the new Fender Player Series Stratocaster, including a comparison to the Mexican Fender Standard Strat and your buying recommendation.

  7. Kent Freeman

    I see that Houndmouth in the playlist. Would love to see you do some of their songs!

  8. TheLambdaCalculus

    Great to see Houndmouth in your playlist! Will we get an acoustic lesson for For No One at some point?

  9. LuKa Luke

    so many people are wishing songs playing by you Marty…so i do also, with a little luck, maybe you can do a little lesson:-) here it is : Billy Idol – Prodigal Blues
    Greetz from North Europe!

  10. Nosferatu

    This moment, when you want to download and see that it costs 13€


    Great stuff marty! I would love it if you could teach us some metql songs too! Much love and support

  12. 74dart man

    That sure beats the heck out of lifting the record needle and moving it back a hundred times, like the old days!👍😎🎸🎶

  13. Music Letters

    Also writing down into tabs would be very helpful after I figured it out 🙂 I use transcribe, as I have the music on my laptop (I know I am still so 2000)

  14. Prastut Dahal

    would really be happy if you did some simon and garfunkel songs marty… thanks for all these videos really helpful

  15. Derek Stechmann

    I'd like to see you review a modeling amp for people just starting out and don't have any pedels.

  16. KR951

    hey Marty, this kind of song is something you normally don’t cover but if you could post a tutorial on it that would be so cool. its called “Afterglow” by Atilla Zoller. chill vibes 🌊

  17. Potato Tomato

    Hey Marty,
    Just want to say thank you for teaching music, you honestly help me progress a lot as a guitar player.
    And if possible can you please do a guitar lesson for Stay by Post Malone. Thank you

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