Jake Reichbart DVD/Downloadable Lesson Excerpts: How To Arrange Any Song For Solo Guitar


  1. Ricky Flores

    Maestro Jake:quiero comprar sus dvds para hacer mis propios chord melody y me gustaría tomar clases virtuales con usted si es que usted da clases virtuales,saber cuanto dinero cuesta?pero tengo un problema,hablo solo español,Good bless you

  2. rkatz0

    WARNING! I bought this DVD and watched it two times and didn't realize how much was in it! I am now on my 5th time and stopping to grab stuff here and there. It is so good and complete when it comes to the subject, just amazing, and he cheats, he says he doesn't teach the how to play guitar but he actually does, enough of it, in my opinion. Also, I have been very frustrated with Jake Reichbart's playing because it is so good and simple (sounding but to play it you need to pay your dues!) and complete sounding but not so easy to just grab and play, gee, you think, wouldn't everyone be doing it?! Well, not really but… So I highly recommend this video for those wanted to learn about jazz/pop fingerstyle and arrangements and so forth.

  3. Jake Reichbart

    Thanks for asking, this is done by emailing me directly, jake dot reichbart at gmail dot com.

  4. Jose Sepulveda

    from Jose Sepulveda….Bastard Out Of L. A………Jake…..I hope you get this message. I am a classical guitarist who woke up one day and decided I wanted to become Earl Klugh. I saw one of your performances and was GREATLY impressed by it. I then went to the e-mail address that I was directed to (jake.reichbart@gmail.com) and could access NOTHING!!! Please contact me at hermeterec@gmail.com and instruct me as to how I can get your lessons on DVD or Cd or whatever. I would buy MANY.

  5. MrRonrasta

    Fantanstic ! simply said. I happen to come across your video by reccomendation from YOu tube…

  6. fasila

    great job as usual from you,you are my teacher.excellent talent

  7. Adam Maslowski

    You are an excellent teacher! I got the "All the Things You Are" DVD and what I like is that you actually reveal the secrets of navigating through the changes! Most books and DVD's beat you up till you're blue in the face with scales and arpeggios, but then when it comes to: how to apply them over changes, they leave you with a few short sentences.
    It is like learning from a good friend, not a technical show-off.

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