photoshoots + guitar lessons!


  1. audreyisms

    I wanted to learn the piano for a long time. For you, great that you've started already.

  2. Fita Chyntia

    I thought you're left handed, Shelby, but you played the guitar with your right hand?

  3. Erika Burtt

    I've been playing guitar for 8 years and John Mayer is the hardest to learn

  4. lynn anne

    Good for you Shelby and uploading like a champ!! you the real MVP.

  5. Allison

    I learned guitar by playing John Mayer songs in high school! The first time it actually sounds like the song is so satisfying. Before you know it you'll be the "anyway here's wonderwall" person in your friend group!

  6. Darrell Baisley

    I have a comment/question. Do you know you have an adorable lisp when you speak your s?

  7. Dan Survivorfan

    I once saw you in a video with Tara and Jill. Are you guys friends? Do you have plans for another video together or a trip anytime soon? How did you meet them?

  8. Brittvaz28

    Yes joHN MAYERRR. He made me want to play guitar and now I’ve been playing for 4 years! keep goin girl!

  9. Kevin Myers

    You always eat before grocery shopping! That way you dont buy any unnecessary items just because you are hungry and it looks good. Lol

  10. Sofia Karli

    whats your plans in the future with school? Know you spoke about it a little before, but like are you transferring, which degree, how long do you have left etc 🙂

  11. Destiny Reidel

    I’ve been “learning” the ukulele for almost 5 years and should probably get lessons like you’re doing. I need someone to hold me accountable or I just forgot.

  12. Dominik Benz

    Amazing cool great fotoshoot i found you play very good guitar love it you play guitar i am so happy . love you

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