Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Guitar Lesson Tutorial – How to Play Easy Guitar Songs


  1. maltez

    More than in other video's the fun just explodes from the screen. Well done, that man!

    Ah, and yes, more Queen songs please.

  2. RareMaestro

    Wow Andy, really awesome tutorial. Made my morning! Just love the song and you can clearly see you do too. Thx man. Just as a side note I saw someone mention it and I'm sure you are aware of it but yeah you can also play the Bb using the double barre method by barring with your index and ring fingers. A little tricky but I find it easier especially if I use my middle finger and pinky to help and it's mainly because I struggle to get all 3 fingers in that tight little space between the 2 frets. Sausages for fingers Haha. Cheers man

  3. Huy Tran

    Love the way u played and sang this song. The Bond chord..haha..nice cheat

  4. Lorraine Stening

    Hi Andy. Congrats on another great video lesson.
    Will definitely give it a go.
    My Queen requests would have to be Princes Of The Universe or Hammer To Fall. 3 words for ya…..
    What Top Tunes!

  5. Jadie J.

    I am one of those who requested this song. Thank you so much Andy! God bless you for all you do for us!

  6. MrBrambo98

    yes Andy! definitely more queen songs! i got my own Red Special replica and a Vox AC4C1 (close enough to Vox AC30 :p) brian may is really my favourite guitarist!

  7. Stone Raffaldt

    Awesome song and an awesome lesson! I've always wanted to be able to play it but I feared the B barre chord. Thank you sooo much!

  8. duffermod1

    Loved it. Just to watch another guitarist absolutely and utterly enjoying playing guitar.
    Cheers Andy great lesson. PS do you write your own songs if so I would love to hear some.
    Cheers Bro

  9. Dan Elvy

    Queen A Kind of Magic? Keep up the good work Andy. Love the channel pal

  10. ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo

    Playing the "B flat" the way you do kills my fingers and playing it with the ring finger as some other people have suggested feels like my finger won't last if I continue to play it that way although it works.

  11. Abhishek Gupta

    I am playing guitar for 8 months and now I want to also learn piano so what is your suggestion sir

  12. Freebies4You

    nice , you can buy everfunnels agency and start creation course 'guitar lessons' if you want i give you gift bonus 🙂

  13. Chase Lopez

    Please add The Last of Us theme song to your list of tutorials, theres a couple online already but not as easy to learn/follow as your videos thank you!

  14. DoubleOh Dutch

    OMG! Now I play Crazy little thing called love! And all that BEFORE dinner! Thanks Andy!!!!

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