“Wind Cries Mary” Guitar Solo Lesson – Jimi Hendrix Guitar Solo


  1. Parhan Depa

    Hello there Marty music, thank you so much for all your videos, you help me so much! ^_^ I was just wandering if you can do tutorial yer blues by John lennon. ^_^

  2. Atreyu

    You should do a tutorial on how to do the guitar solo from , Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch

  3. Simon Organ

    Hi Marty I’m a beginner/intermediate player just getting into blues lead (learning licks in box 1 & 2 minor pentatonic) I’m just getting the licks under my fingers and bending in tune etc. It would be great if you could do a lesson on starting a blues solo. Whenever I put the backing track on I don’t know where to start getting the licks flowing. I’ve watched a few videos on this but would love to see your ways or common ways of starting a solo. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work my friend 🙂

  4. Zaidon

    Hey Marty , you are on of the best i've come across online , learned a lot from you , i am still learning , now i don't know if i can ask you if you can do a lesson on how to play " All by myself by Eric carmen " this song is amazing and as a beginner its so hard for me to figure out the the chords , i don't know if you will do it or not but i would really appreciate it , and thank you for all the lessons you posted online

  5. Pro Mech Tools

    Hey Marty.. I got a few songs for you that I cant find in your multitude of libraries… How about.. Harvest – Neil Young (Harvest Moon u have for sure, but no Harvest).. How about.. Waltz #2 &/or Twilight – Elliott Smith.. Jolene – Ray Lamontagne… Just like a lot of people, I feel like I have a ton of good ideas for songs, but I think the ones I mentioned would be some cool additions to your already amazing selection of lessons.. Thanks Marty

  6. Craig Fussell

    Great lesson Man! Than you so much! Loved how Jimi Hendrix made everything sound like he was improvising everything…very organic!! ✌🏻🎸

  7. fRiendfoRest

    You're insane man! Could you make a tutorial of "Gathering Dust" with David Gray?

  8. Benoit Le Grasse

    Are you straight plug into your amplifier or you use some pedals for this lesson? thanks mate!

  9. Ja Kubo

    Hello there, I just wanted to ask what pedal are you using. The sound is amazing. Thanks 🙂

  10. Aryan Iyer

    Marty your work ethics are absolutely unparalleled. Lots to learn from 😘😃🎶

  11. beatleme2

    Wow I just Learned this song and you said I will do the Solo Next.. i looked in the Vids and Nothing..and Now here it is !!.. Wow.. Thanks for the upload and making it look so Simple !!..Best Teacher on the Net Man !!..and that helps/goes a long way !! .. but yeah ;:*)
    Thumbs up # 493

  12. sandromnator

    Please do Nickelback – Figured you out! There is no lessons on YouTube, you are my only hope!

  13. Nick Myrick

    And could you also do “5150” and “Ain’t talkin’ bout love” by Van Halen?

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