7 Interesting Facts About Joe Pass – Jazz Guitarist


  1. Randy  Rhoads

    All I have to say is that most critics are idiots who can't play worth crap.  If people only realized that critics don't matter, we would not worry about them being judgmental.  It’s the same logic as me telling a doctor how to do his job when I’m not a doctor myself.  Critics promote themselves as experts on a particular field but many times don’t know anything.  Unfortunately that is the power of the media.

  2. Ron Lee

    This says that Charlie Christian was one of Joe's main influences? That may be true but he did not learn any of his licks. He learned from horn players mostly. That is what he says himself in the video "An evening with Joe Pass" which you can find on youtube. There is a great interview on that video! Great playing too.

  3. Hardtop Harry

    I studied with one of Joe's students. We went through the Joe Pass Guitar Style together. I still have that original copy, yellow and virtually illegible due to fingering annotations etc. I am still learning from this book, using my 3rd copy. Even though I can play most of the book by heart I still find gems in the pages and often, transposing an exercise opens up a wealth of ideas. If you don't have this book I recommend you get it.

  4. Dominique Bovard

    because i am learning (through sight reading….)Joe Pass bay city blues, i read a comment from a guy who had few lessons with him, that he brought along with him the method entitled "joe pass guitar style", and Joe pass told him " forget about sight readin"…funny

  5. James523001

    Another interesting fact I have heard is that, although Joe played right-handed, he was actually left-handed.

  6. Bubba Rand

    Joe Pass played fingerstyle, that I know. But do you know if he trimmed the nails of his right hand short, playing with finger tips only? Or, did he use his fingernails to accentuate his tone?

  7. jg0r

    Joe Pass, the best! Have you heard his record with Red Mitchell entitled "Finally"? Check it out!

  8. rasjavita

    The fact is life. Everyone have his own, learn as much as you can and don't forget like Joe said you're music. This is what I learn from music. All the videos from this channel are really good stuff so pay attention to what ones learn from others because music or art is made by all, is life, is the universal language.

  9. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    Nice comment. That's absolutely right, that's what I meant when I said "There was no manual" for him! (-:

  10. Steve Vetter

    Joe was just such an amazing player. I once heard a disc-jockey say something that stuck with me. He said, "You have to remember. Joe Pass didn't have Joe Pass to listen to!" Right on the money. He had it all and thankfully, we have Joe to listen to. haha Thanks Mark, for keeping the flame alive…….

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