Acoustic guitar neck removal Part 1. Julyan Wallis. Guitar Doctor, Cornwall UK.


  1. mamachip

    You pulled the WRONG FRET.
    Pulling the first fret into the body will access the void at the bottom of the dovetail mortise.
    ( I've pulled HUNDREDS of necks)

  2. MidtownSkyport

    Watched a few videos on this topic and this was by far the most useful. Followed what you did (except I rigged up the jig with wood and clamps) and the neck just slid off. Cheers 🙂

  3. Ronan Fenelon

    how hard is it to fit an electric guitar neck (Stratocaster) to an acoustic body?

  4. Julyan Wallis

    Not without major adjustments to the neck and body join i assume. Check the scale length is the same too, very important!

  5. Julyan Wallis

    Hi Paul you have to heat the whole tongue and protect the surrounding top from the heat. I use a welding mat cut so a flap goes in the sound hole. The heat transfers to the frets and after 5-10 minutes gently,go in from a corner with a thin spatula.

  6. Paul Seery

    Hello Julyan, Thanks for posting this video.
    Would it be overkill to heat the entire tongue before proceeding with the prying of the the tongue?

  7. Julyan Wallis

    Sorry for late reply docpain0 you could be roght, there may not be so much 'care' going in to building instruments, esp ones that may be cheaper and mass produced in the east. Julyan.

  8. Julyan Wallis

    Depends how old the guitar is, some lift with time, some after a short period or not at all, some go the other war resulting in a high saddle. is a good place to visit.

  9. Julyan Wallis

    Yes guys have to admit you are right, lucky i got away with it. Proof that the steam finds it's way around the dovetail though, and lucky that the neck came out relatively easily.

  10. Doc Pain

    apologies ahead of time if this question is too verbose or ill defined :
    Is it my imagination or are modern acoustics (not all but a very high % have for lack of a better term a steeper angle on a fixed neck than times past? (i.e. allows them to get away with not setting a neck "right/correct" and leaves an ever increasing gap as you progress towards the bridge. Im having to take a neck off now because you cant get a decent string height. level between nut / bridge . not level wat i mean

  11. bridgeplatepuller

    Yes, definitely drill at the 13the fret in this case, or the 15th on a 14 fret neck. I installed a bleeder valve on my steamer to avoid similarly damaging steam exhaust. Slow is the way to go.

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