1. EmmaPeelman

    It starts out really well but 1:121:15 the descending line into the E chord towards the main strumming rock rhythm (repeated as the outro) contains many wrong dud and off notes unfortunately. Could you please improve on that?

  2. tbirdlauderdale

    Thank you my brother, great lessons here on your amazing channel. Can you please tell me what is the intro music to this video, i know the song but cant place it, thank you

  3. bigcitydave2

    Just finished Hey Tonight and Johnny B Goode. I really enjoy the patience you take for your lessons. I play a Fender Strat. How can I get that "Chunk" sound? What amp are you using. Do I need a semi-hollow body?

  4. Bliggick

    Godin makes great guitars but if you used a guitar with large inlays on the fretboard it would be a lot easier to follow what you're doing. Accurate lesson anyway.

  5. Bronx1617

    Big fan, is it possible you might do a version of Tom Pettys
    "straight into darkness" guitar lesson.

  6. Dedstar

    Dear Jackson,
    Great lesson! Enjoyed it very much. Thumbs up! Unfortunately, you do not upload your covers.
    Best friendly regards from Moscow,

  7. masulsa40

    Great lesson! I still struggle with that first full E chord where you are strumming up to get the high notes. I'm ignoring the solo stuff and just concentrating on the first chorus. Love it.

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