How to Tune Your Guitar To Open D Tuning – Guitar Lesson [ES-032]


  1. art net

    the song sailing is this tuning.. a lesson would be nice :))

  2. Beyond Limits Productions

    This sounds like a nice altered tuning. I'm a sucker for a different tuning… it makes practicing guitar an outer body experience … it definitely opens up the gates of the imagination.

  3. William Devan

    Please would you help me figure out how to play a guitar song in open D tuning. It is only like two minutes long.

  4. DMW1949

    Hey Justin!! My Takamine 12 string is hard to play so as sort of a last resort I'm going to try Open D tuning. Really, I need another guitar for open G so I can play those Stones songs. I wish you would do a tutorial on Barre Chords going up the neck,and not just the common chords. Do 9ths, minor 9ths and so forth. Do you know of a book that has these chords in it.

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