Inlaying the fretboard


  1. Wil garcia

    you should probably film these from the opposite side your body is. nice job though

  2. Larry Labonte

    i dont have tools, can I send you a neck and design and you charge me for inlay?

  3. grb321

    Good video. I use similar methods but do the inlay before gluing the fingerboard to the neck. Also, when routing, I place 1/4" MDF on either side of the fingerboard so that the routed area has a flat bottom, like the material to be inlaid.

  4. hla0roo

    Thanks so much! Since I was thinking more along the lines of inlaying on the headstock, this works out well.

  5. SharkInlay

    That wouldn't work on a fretboard. The fretboard is curved and the inlay pieces is not. Therefore the spray would get under the piece and you would not get a sharp line.

  6. hla0roo

    Is there an alternative to tracing the inlay material with a knife? One method I've heard suggested is to glue the inlay material down temporarily and spray the surface and inlay with a light spray paint leaving the outline intact. The argument being that the spray paint left on the inlay needs to be sanded off once you put it down anyways?

  7. SharkInlay

    No, it was custom made by a company local to me called IM services. They made it about 10 years ago. The ones they make now are way better. I keep telling myself that I'm going to order one, but this one is still doing the job 🙂

  8. castle1076

    Works like the CNC Shark Pro. Kinda looks like one too. Is this the machine you are using?

  9. Conan Mills

    Is it better to route on a flat fret board or a radiused fretboard? Meaning how difficult would it be to rout on a pre-radiused fretboard?

  10. Cliff Suttle

    Do you mean to route the inlay by hand? If so, that is a dremel digital win a dremel router base.

  11. Jack Gann

    what was that tool called that you used to do the sign of oden inlay?

  12. SharkInlay

    It's called Frisket. You should be able to find is at any good art supply store.

  13. 1800NoFault

    Hey thanks for the advice from the last video, however I tested the stain on the MOP and it definitely will stain the MOP if I inlay first and then try to stain. So… I went to purchase your "fresnet"? but couldn't find it. Parenthetically, I am happy to see that many of the steps that you take and I have taken also. My design also involves some engraving on the MOP. The biggest obstacle I am encountering is thinking the process thru first and anticipating each problem at each level. Thanks

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