Time After Time, Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne, Chet Baker, solo jazz guitar, Jake Reichbart


  1. Matt Cole

    I'm sure you've seen it, but late great Ted Greene played this tune in a video from a wedding in '89. Segues into I remember you. Good stuff. Always a pleasure to listen to you play Jake!

  2. MrMusicguyma

    lovely job improvising on this classic song. Reminds me of the great Joe Pass.

  3. parityviolation

    Jake, I hope you'll live long enough to indulge us with your fingerstyle versions of the entire encyclopedia of good music of the last millenium.

  4. Travelerspath

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Jake, that was a treat! it takes me back to our living room where my Dad put on the best Jazz guitarists ever…2018 you are still doing what you love and what we love to hear.

  5. briusda

    best wishes for the new year you could not do. you are a great one

  6. Devin G

    Oh, I love this song so much. Your playing takes it to another level. Just beautiful.

    Thank you, Jake.

  7. some 1

    Your playing inspired me to get into solo classical jazz guitar

  8. Jake Reichbart

    Welcome to my 403rd solo fingerstyle jazz guitar video on YouTube, “Time After Time”, with lyrics written by Sammy Cahn and music by Jule Styne and which has been covered by thousands… Been on my song list for 20+ years. The Cindy Lauper song is coming to my channel soon for sure, after all it is the first track from my first CD “16 Songs” (2000)…! Kindly subscribe, share, comment and please consider supporting me by purchasing my video lessons so I can continue to post weekly videos of the guitar arrangements we all love. Thanks,

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