5 Things You Never Noticed in Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love by Van Halen! Weekend Wankshop 184


  1. Ben Eller

    I STAND CORRECTED! It’s a flanger, not a phaser that Eddie uses in this tune. Thanks y’all, I’m always getting those mixed up. What do you guys want to see covered next?!

  2. joe Pipe

    I'm the one.
    Ain't talking is a masterpiece of all the time.

  3. Brad Anderson

    Imagine it’s 2018, and we’re still figuring out how to be EV. EV is amazing. He is a rock star ⭐️ legend. Never be another one. That’s what makes them stars.

  4. Will Farrow

    Please tell me you live in Texas!
    I need a guitar player for my cover band! 🙂

  5. davedaveleadguitar

    Your sound is soo accurate! The first time you play the riff I thought it was the original recording.
    Very detailed and accurate lesson! You're a fantastic player and teacher! Very focused on what you're showing us!! Thanks for the video!!!

  6. Cavemaaaan

    Excellent tutorial (I learned tune this myself in the 80's NOT using the Am shape and still prefer to play it my way – I don't need string-hopping to execute it).
    My question is: did Eddie have the flanger on during the whole riff or was it punched in momentarily as an accent during the mixing process with Ted Templeman?
    I guess I'll go check out the isolated track and answer my own stoopid question 🙂

  7. Hello

    When you say most guys miss it, you’re not including me; luckily. I’ve been playing VH songs since before you were born, lol (yes, I’m old!), but well done on teaching other players who seem to be too lazy to get it right. On a personal note, I’ve never seen any point in playing someone else’s music the way they did because you may as well just listen to the original. My take on it is that you MUST add your own style. But I digress… nice tone, btw, well done 👏

  8. sKummToons '66

    More of a tutorial to learn this note for note, not something most would never notice.To the untrained ear maybe. Ed even said this song was the lamest one he ever wrote. I doubt the missing notes or playing the same note twice was not intentional. Just a appregiated (think it is spelled wrong) 2 chord riff.

  9. Jason Anderson

    wow. thanks for doing this. I haven't played this song in years, but i was definitely doing some things wrong. reminded me how dope this song is. It's stunning how some really simple things can make a riff or a patten so much more musical or personal (to Eddie in this case). Rhythmic subtleties in the chord/riff AND lead playing are the secret to EVH's Roth-era godhead playing.

  10. van jammin

    Been my man you are correct I've been playing the same song for 30 years in a band called cutter and you are right on I like your videos I just subscribed and I'm going to stay in tune and watch a dude I love it have a good time and like you said rock on and play some guitar

  11. Henry Mittnacht

    If you would have relied on your ears and NOT on any Tabs you would have figured it earlier… LOL but great vid anyway, dude!

  12. Matthew Wilkinson

    I thought of four inches… but had to click to find out about # 5. By the way, love your song "Saturdays." What else you got? I'll look through your history for more education, but a brief self-aggrandizing video would be appreciated. I pledge at least a dollar from my bi-weekly, (or, how about a monthly?) for some release of your originals. Really man, that song kicks ass – even though I work Saturdays, that song has the potential to make every Saturday worth while. Good shit my man. Good shit… – now back to my beers…

  13. MarkSmith Productions

    The back to back C notes in the intro…yet another little nuance that I will notice every time now thanks to this video. Never would've noticed it before. Thanks Ben!

  14. Lee S. Hoover

    I wish I would have found this before my gig last weekend! LOL… that's ok. I got it now for the next one… Thanks! Great instruction skills.

  15. radkins80

    Makes me feel kinda good that I was able to pick these nuances up from an old cassette tape and a boom box back in the early 90's. I hate when people screw up the little things on rhythm parts.

  16. Amp A. Holic

    Nice details. It’s been decades since I’ve played these songs. Wish I had more than a turntable slowed to 16 at the time. Thanks for sharing.

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