Belle Guitar Lesson – Jack Johnson tutorial Step by Step (Esteban Dias)


  1. Krzysztof K

    Radzę najpierw zagrac poprawnie to, czego chcesz nauczyć, abyśmy wiedzieli, jak to brzmi, a potem "dukać" lekcję . Odwrotnie to nie wiadomo o co ci chodzi i czy w ogóle jest czego sie uczyć ? Pozdrawiam – Krzysztof z Polski

  2. Mrblondeh

    How do you get that nice beat sound that you hit between chords?  I don't know what to call it, maybe palm mute?

  3. Micha L

    use your thumb on the e-string and it'll be a lot easier to play

  4. Matt Jacobs

    Great walk-through. Just need some cargo shorts and a hemp necklace and I've completed the Jack Johnson vibe. Thank you!

  5. Kraylus

    Awesome lesson man! almost had the song down by the time I finished watching

  6. Matthew Walters

    i have wanted to learn this song and havent even tried as it seems too much but you really did teach it well and with some work i reckon i can learn it! Thankyou so much!!

  7. Ahmed Otano

    awesome! video!. =o would you be able to right the the chords in tab format? because i try looking for them. i haven't had any luck.

  8. Natasha Zohra Banon

    Esteban!!!! WTF?? I was about to watch my friends cover of this song and your video came up on the side. Almost 38,000 views! amazing! SO NICE TO SEE YOUR FACE!

  9. 飛魚

    I wanna say thank you,and you are so cute!
    form taiwan's student 🙂

  10. Boosh

    You totally had me at the beginning I almost clicked off before you started speaking English, you're awesome! 

  11. Art The Great

    Later bruh, thx for the tutorial, really greate! hope you enjoyed that pizza with the office 😉

  12. pistachio124

    For the third chord, you can put your middle finger on the 3rd fret, 6th string and bar the other three string with your ring finger like you would playing a Bmaj chord.

  13. Bentaboo

    In the first chord switch the MIDDLE finger with the INDEX finger and it's MUCH easier to play!!! 🙂

  14. magmaan

    Very great tutorial! I learned this in about 2 – 3 hours intensive practice. You are great and slow at explaining which makes it easy to keep up! Thanks man.

  15. William C

    Thanks for this tutorial. As entertaining as it is helpful. In the first chord, I find playing it as a barr makes the transition tpcthe second easier.. cheating but hey

  16. lucho ferri

    heyy! thank you very much for the tutorial! excelent! it really help me! have a little question, where are you from?
    greetings from argentina!!
    keep on playing!

  17. Wouter Kamperman

    I have jacks book Strum and Sing. So i got the names of the chords :p. I could just noglt get the melody. So thx, awesome explanation.

  18. Riley xbv

    You rarely get an instructional video that sounds exactly like the song, Good job

  19. Joshua Wood

    Hey man cheers for the awsum help. I find it easier to use my thumb which you may take a liking to. If on those chords you barre, you can play it with the thumb on the E string and your ring finger rested across those 3 strings. But man you rock for this video. Thanks a ton!

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