CRY ME A RIVER – Chord Melody LESSON – Guitar Tutorial + TABS


  1. Ron Meijer

    Thank you, Sandra once again for this great lesson and song!! Take good care of yourself and enjoy your vacancy!! Greetings,Ron

  2. Jed Marsillo

    Sandra your playing rocks, your guitar rocks, and your hair rocks. keep the great videos coming.

  3. Gerd Van Juuten

    That's freaking awesome, Sandra! I love that tune. Buble made a James Bond style arrangement, but I like Julie's version better.

  4. Tim Bradley

    Hi, Sandra,
    Beautiful lesson as always. I’ve signed on via Patreon, but I don’t know how to get to the tabs. Would you explain?
    Thank you very much’

  5. James Margulis

    You are my favorite YouTube teacher! Your lessons are well structured and presented. So glad I found you. Thankx for all you do.

  6. Tom Bola

    Nice and smooth – that's what I like. Great song, great lesson. thx as always.

  7. Larry Pata

    Thank you so much sandra!!!
    Now i grab my guitar, again sorry for my english 🙁 cheers from Argentina!!!

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