Guitar Lesson: “Dramamine” by Modest Mouse


  1. Saddevil Music

    Your account is prolific as fuck and very impressive, love your originals. Any chance you could do built to spill I could hurt a fly? Suprised no built to spill. Wolf parade? You got an instagram account?

  2. Hayden Sanders

    great song, great band. I enjoy the lessons.
    I have two suggestions that are completely un-tab-ed that I've been itching to play
    1. Toughies – Stone Cold
    2. Whitney – On My Own

  3. Julian Morrison

    could you do It always rain on a picnic ? it's my favorite song off my favorite album of theirs

  4. OTG HWs

    I'm pretty sure Isaac does harmonics on the 5th fret in the beginning while using his whammy bar…

  5. Leif Hansen

    Thanks a lot for the great lesson. I had been struggling to put together the tabs… helps a lot to see it demonstrated! cheers

  6. FindingFinity

    The riff right after the opening bass riff, you said the frets were 19, 15, 15… but you didn't name the strings. It looked like it was High E (19) B (15) High E (15)
    Though that doesn't sound right when I play it, idk if I'm out of tune or hitting the wrong string, what strings did you hit?

  7. orangesix

    Seems like you are adding a blues rock bend when you play the parts. but modest mouse has a more angular approach to the melody.

  8. Rob McAllister

    +vokes113 How he does it (from what I think you were talking about) is a floating bridge which allows him to push or pull the bridge to raise or lower the pitch, he 9 times out of 10 will couple this with playing a harmonic on one or more strings. Harmonics on guitar are easy once learning the "touch"

  9. vokes113

    hey brett i have a question for you. IN MANY MANY of modest mouse songs i hear a high pitch..echoish…almost like a harmonic? or a high pitch bend? do you know how they do this? do you have a video on it? i hope you get what im asking lol hard to explain

  10. vokes113

    thats the thing. its a new song or a song that has not been recorded yet. maybe it will be on the new album they are working on now. i just think its an amazing song that would be so fun to play. its at the way end of the interview. be sure to check it out!

  11. Brett Sanders

    hey vokes, thanks for the kind words about my lessons. i appreciate it! i'm currently at a programming/web development intensive program. when i finish, i'll try to work on it. i'll be done in 10 more weeks or so. that interview is a good one. i vaguely remember the song he was playing near the end. do you know the name of it? would be easier to figure out from a recording version. thanks! 🙂

  12. vokes113

    hey brett. for one awsome, awesome lesson. you do the best lessons. very in depth and technical. thank you so much for taking your time to help us all. that link you have for isaacs interview in his home is great. i have been trying to figure out the new song at the end for a while now and i CANT FIGURE IT OUT. its a great song. i was wondering if you could please give it a shot and do a lesson. i know you would easily be able to get it

  13. Brett Sanders

    yeah, "bukowski" would be cool. i never learned that one. actually, when that album came out, i remember trying to figure it out by ear because there weren't as many tabs instantly like there are now. you're right it's mostly guitar. i saw modest mouse live when that album came out and isaac was on banjo for that one. i'll add bukowski to my to-do lessons list. really, i'd like to learn all their songs and post lessons as i do. i still love listening to them and get inspired to play more

  14. Matt Vazquez

    Yeah dude thanks for posting all these tutorials! I have already watched your one on Bankrupt on selling, and I just want to say thank you for posting all these tutorials because you really know how to teach it well. I was wondering if you could maybe do a tutorial for their song "Bukowski". Most of it is banjo but there is still some guitar in there. If you don't have the time that's fine because I've been working at it myself but if you can that would be awesome! 🙂

  15. Brett Sanders

    hey naysayer, thanks, glad you liked this one too. for the mutes, it's just with the strumming hand … just sort of do a light palm mute that mutes more when you're picking/strumming, but not the whole time … i used to tell my students it was the "bouncy palm mute" and would have them practice this technique by bouncing their hand while picking or strumming … mumford and sons do it all the time, so that was a good band we'd practice it for usually

  16. NaysayersGonnaNaysay

    Awesome as usual. you know those modest mouse half mutes you were talking about in the beginning of the video. How do you mute them, with your strumming hand or releasing off the frets or what?

  17. Brett Sanders

    Cool, Modest Mouse is amazing. My favorite bands late 90s and early 2000s for sure. I made more guitar lesson vids for them, search Youtube for "Brett Sanders Modest Mouse Guitar Lessons" and you'll find them.

  18. Brett Sanders

    Chords are Em, D, C, G for intro and verses … later, there's just Em D … and then Em D G

  19. Matt Vazquez

    I didn't quite get the chords, could you tell me the tabs for each chords? thanks!

  20. Trey James

    This is good. Except i think that the opening riff is played on bass. But i think its sounds good on guitar.

  21. Jason Bennett

    just to say, I've tried at least three times to figure this out on the piano. this was my theme music back in '97. your bass chords (Em,D,C,G) gave me enough of a start to figure the rest out. thanks!

  22. Gilmour Films

    Have you ever heard the early demo called "Ugly Casanova"? I really love the song despite horrible recording quality. IF you could teach that one it would be soooooooo awesome.

  23. Brett Sanders

    Thanks for the commpliments:) I have a lot of Modest Mouse songs if you want more lessons. There's a playlist on my channel for the MM lessons I've made so far

  24. Kelsie Lacy

    it doesnt sound as good on my acoustic guitar but im planning on buying an electric

  25. Brett Sanders

    glad it was helpful! dramamine was one of the first songs I learned on guitar a long time ago, so it was fun to relearn it and teach it recently:)

  26. Brett Sanders

    thanks for the nice compliments … modest mouse isn't as popular as they used to be, i get a lot of views on more popular songs, not so much on mm stuff … they used to be my favorite band for a long time , that's awesome you got so inspired! if you like what i'm doing, please share my vids with others. thanks! -brett

  27. Brett Sanders

    hey shane, thanks for the compliments, glad you found my lessons and they're helpful to you:) i just did a lesson for convenient parking, i'll try to do some of the others you requested when i can … i have a huge list of lessons people want and i do them when possible and i have time and energy:)

  28. shanejohnson14


    Great job!!! Love this song and have wanted to learn it. I'm aways away from being able too but this will help. (as will all the music lessons)

    You've got a lesson on about every song I've been wanting to learn, so glad I found your channel!

    A couple requests would be Afghan Whigs cover of Frank Oceans Love Crimes. Sonic Youths Eric's trip. Jack White's – inaccessible mystery. And modest mouse – convenient parking.

    Keep up the lessons.

  29. Brett Sanders

    that would be really awesome, i'd love to see how they actually played it if your friend knows — the tabs don't seem right so i just went with the best i could by ear … the intro doesn't sound like bass to me though, unless it's way high up, which would … the bends using a wah would make sense though … if your friend makes the vid, please let me know!

  30. Brett Sanders

    ah, well i couldn't find a good tab and had to figure out most of it by ear. if you got a good way to play it and can demonstrate, put up a lesson, i'd love to learn it ! 🙂

  31. Brett Sanders

    oh hell yes, i'm more than very excited, just started watching the documentary, thanks!:) i'll check out duster, never heard of em

  32. Brett Sanders

    Yeah, even their newer stuff still has a lot of originality. The mood seemed to get less angry and intense though, which for some reason I didn't like. I like those old shows where Isaac was really intense, like Lonesome Crowded West shows. I saw an interview with Isaac Brock from, from 2011, that was cool to see. He talks about his record label and gives a tour of his house. I'll put a link to it in this vid in case you haven't seen it. Do you have any recommendations for bands to check out?

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