How Slash REALLY Picks Sweet Child o’ Mine!


  1. Tristan J. Cumpole

    I guess that this is ignorning the possibility that Slash may well have altered how he plays it since it was first recorded, quite possibly even several times? This calls into question the validity of the video since really you should always play in the manner that best suits the song, not simply to enforce some arbitrary rules or method. We shouldn't be so dogmatic in how we play anything, especially somebody else's music. Having several ways to play any one thing expands your own versatility, busts ruts and keeps you original of course.

  2. Blaire Bustillo

    Thanks for zooming in to this little detail. I think there's really a slight difference when changing the strokes. πŸ˜πŸ‘ Great job. πŸ‘

  3. Abhishek Nautiyal

    Man can you do a video on effects how to use them for beginners who know nothing but can play solos and stuff cause of this i only play on acoustic (will really appreciate your help)

  4. Erwin Rizka Rahmadani

    I saw you like japanese people and i feel you are japanese before i look the video thoroughly. Lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„

  5. upplsuckimcool16

    i think a lot of good guitarists dont follow any specific picking rule… for this i do complete alternate picking… but on some other riffs like this i might do all down strokes and one upstroke….

    i dont ever think about it TBH UNLESS it all comes out alternate picking… when i first leanred this riff i was surprised whwne i realized inwas alternate picking the whole thing.

  6. Zubeen Bhuiyan

    Not to brag, I didn’t know this, but I played it like this just because it seemed to be faster. I didn’t know slash didn’t use his pinky though.

  7. John Vic de Leon

    Ive seen him do this picking then in another video its alternate picking. Guess he likes to pick it however he wants.

  8. Pirate Labs

    Yes, well Slash also picks his nose and, who would want to copy that? I think the notes are important, and not the picking technique, but then again, what do I know? Your lessons are great.

  9. Kevin Frederiksen

    I've been playing it like this ever since I can remember. Think it's just a natural way or something. Man, to think I've never jammed this live yet! What's worng with me!?!

  10. Lilly the Service Chihuahua

    Ever think that maybe slash got bored of playing it the same way a billion and two times and wanted to switch t up once in awhile?
    Have you watched any other vids to see if it’s the same exact way in every other video?

  11. Detroit Wrecker

    I don't know…. I think every player has to play cover songs using their own techniques to make the songs as much their own as possible. Unless you're into trying to become someone else. Still a interesting video.

  12. ROTH Pichkhemara

    I also did the same as you did. Examine each parts that he play, zoom in the video with slow motion. I first thought that am I the only one who did such a crazy things like this?

  13. Michael Green

    A lot of self-taught guitarists employ unusual picking techniques. Occasionally, it can affect the sound and (in that case) should be played as the original artist does. One example (from my experience) was when I learned Fear of a Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree. I learned it using alternate picking and it never quite sounded right to my ear until I saw a video of Steven Wilson playing it with almost all down picking. I re-learned it that way and it actually sounds and feels better to me know … go figure.

  14. Darshan DASH Maniram

    Great intro! 😁 Damn you really rock!πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ€˜πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  15. Gary du Plessis

    Is there really a difference in tone when picking a string up or down. Maybe only if your pick angle is different? Slightly louder or crisper up and softer on the down. Makes for an interesting blind test.

  16. Cahyo Amiseso

    I do it that way all these years, it's somehow 'easier' for my brain (and motoric part that controls my fingers). I feel it's easier.

  17. Ian Cox

    I love your investigative approach, especially with something like this.. the things we do for Tone

  18. Jeff Beck

    241k subs and 1400 views after this video has been out for a year? I guess the number of subs no longer matter now on youtube.

  19. cree

    That is one beautiful Les Paul! So gorgeous.

  20. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    I was going to say, "Hey, that sounded exactly like Steve Perry from Journey. Good job dude.", but I'd look stupid.

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