How to Sound Good When Using Modes


  1. Christian Krämer

    Thank you Ross. You are the first person here in YouTube land, who explained dorian so easy. Cant wait to see other modes combined with other pentatonics. Cheers

  2. Jose Orozco

    Incredible lesson Ross. You're channel is so helpful and informative. Please check out my channel for some classic rock covers and lessons! I would truly appreciate it!! Keep doing what you do.. -Jose

  3. Jimi Hendrix

    I like this Channel, very "to the point" , intense and Intelligent , Well done !

  4. James Powlett

    I don’t play modes and don’t know scales I play entirely by ear , and have no problems playing anything I want

  5. Jay Lam

    Awesome video man! Where did you go to study music? I'm currently doing a BA Hons in Popular Music at Edinburgh Napier!

  6. Ageel Hussain

    I finished your BP 1 course and can't stress enough how helpful it was. Now I am very excited for BP2 .. great stuff, Ross

  7. Robert Jones

    Great video again my friend. Really good teacher and presenter. One of the best channels out there.

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