Playing Fast Guitar – Made EASY!


  1. Jim Nixon

    Aye,aye….Good lesson Eddie,sorry John.As always full of top tips for us mere mortals,now thinking of getting two extra fingers graffted on each hand and buying an 8 string he he ,
    Good stuff as always mate.

  2. Casper Boo

    Great video John, and im more than sure this will help a lot of people, Than You, Cheers

  3. Stuart Miller

    Great lesson, John. Very informative, in terms of technique. As a contrast, do you have any tips on how to get 'soul' into your playing by use of 'technique' and/or 'theory'? When this subject is raised, most usually tend to cite/focus on Gilmour, and understandably so, but I think there's a lot to learn from players that are usually ignored in this respect. For (obscure) example, listening to Scott Gorham on the Bad Reputation album or Steve Lukather on, well, most of his stuff lol. I've noticed, over the years, that the stuff that moves people is rarely the fast stuff (hence the focus on Gilmour). I know that's not the point of this lesson but it would be great to hear your take on that aspect of playing, also. (No 'Lick my Love Pump' in Dm by Spinal Tap, though 😉 )

  4. RagingDragonBlues

    Great video! The great thing about all these techniques is to play fast you don't have to learn all of them!If you work on hammer offs and pull offs with alternate picking you can build some really great speed with that alone. That's something Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson did/do a whole lot. It's something I personally work on a lot and I probably should work on my tapping also. I personally dont use Sweep or economy picking simply because I prefer the sound of hammer ons and pull off's and tapping. But I will one day get around to learning Sweep picking for fun, even though i'm mostly a blues, blues rock, art and psychedelic rock guy. it can be nice trick to pull out of the bag once in a while.

  5. VooDoo Guitars

    Brilliant as always John. Very informative. Had to lol at one of the comments below. I have no use for the straighteners either

  6. jiff 41

    Hey John, Loving this vid but while watching closely I noticed @ 6 mins on your 'Hair straighteners'?????.

  7. Andrew Reynolds

    Brilliant John Simply brilliant. I have learned a huge amount from this video. Thank you so much for this content.

  8. Pavel Sadowsky

    Great playing, I like the flow of melody. Thank you! And, of course, well and thoroughly explained.

  9. David Kaiser

    Thank you for this video. I am a beginner so I am not quite ready for this but I am saving it for future reference

  10. pecky Peck

    Thanks for the informative video! in today's day and age it seems to be the 'norm' for guitar players to want to play fast like yngwie malmsteem…. this in turn from experience lead me to put the guitar down and leave it…….. I leant/still am learning the rhythm side of things and notes this made it easier to do the other side of it… shredding those strings

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