Sonata K. 141 by D. Scarlatti – solo classical guitar arrangement by Emre Sabuncuoglu


  1. H Lafor

    By the way,.. I am late into the game.. but Who is gentleman? O my….I have seen some of his arrangements.. This guy deserves our support in any way we can provide it.. Can I make a donation? If so, where?

  2. Nero Vuk

    I am glad to see you are showing your face in your newer uploads, just looks better if there are a few different angles in the video.

  3. Christian Bacon

    Very inspiring! Can you arrange Tchaikovsky violin concerto in D? Your one of the best modern classical guitarist Emre. Thank you for adding more variations of music to the world. Keep bringing these composers alive from the dead!

  4. valfodr

    Why is there only part of the piece? Will you ever release the full performance?

  5. Emiliano Zapata

    I can't find this music sheet in your website. There are only the sonatas k. 148, 74, 198 and 531.

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