[TBT#3] Amy Winehouse – Valerie (Guitar Lesson/Tutorial)


  1. D N

    thanks gor sharing this, could not be better explained

  2. D N

    yeah much better groove then the first one I found

  3. Daniel Ionescu

    You do a great job! But please play the whole song(s) from beginning to the end for the advanced users, then do your excellent explanations for the beginners (like you do). Because for people that understand without explanations, is a waste of time and back and fast forward between the movie, to find that 10 needed seconds…
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Augrills

    That Fm7 is a bitch. Is it easier on a travel guitar like that than a full size? And in your tab, you say the pinky goes on the 12th fret on the high E, but that's not what it looks like when you're playing it

  5. Faze Otb

    Hey Shawn just wanna say thanks for the free lessons.. The first lesson I learnt from you was Georgia by Vance Joy and I've been progressing well since then.. I've watched a lot of the different guitar tutorials from all the guys on YouTube and I always stick to watching yours. They're always well structured and easy to learn its just practise.. Some tutorials elsewhere are just far too unnecessarily complicated lol.

    People reading this message and want to learn guitar and progress your skills subscribe to Shawn's channel and watch his vids you can't go wrong I promise.

    This is the first time I've ever even wrote a comment on YouTube but I feel like I should show you my respect for teaching me how to play guitar so thanks a lot man I really appreciate it! Take care bro.

  6. Anon ymus

    wow I don't really comment on here but your tutorial was nicely detailed. Especially for new guitar players. Keep it up. God Bless

  7. NortheastManic

    Really good lesson. Just as an FYI, you mistake the 12th fret of the E string in the picture for the Fm7 at 3:45. Thanks for posting this though!

  8. Silveroff

    Amazing tutorial!! It's so detailed and focuses on one step after the other. 🙂

  9. Jordan Osman

    This is like the third tutorial I've used of yours. You're incredibly talented and aware of the information you teach. Keep doing you man!

  10. Guido Falcone

    Thank you, very clear and comprensive, proof of stupid, just so you can'learning so special the rhythmic, finaly i have learned . Many thanks….. "Italy – Guido Falcone"

  11. Rob Doherty

    Yeah man! Think I'll be busking that out on the street very soon. Cheers Shawn.

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