This Video is SO DUMB… || Are Expensive Guitars Better?! ft. Steve From Boston #TGU18


  1. Agufish

    In celebration of the world cup, all curse words have been replaced with the sweet, sweet sound of vuvuzelas. This video was originally supposed to be on Steve's channel, but it was deemed too dumb, and we thought you guys would like it more. Enjoy… I guess lol

  2. Rod blah

    I feel your pain.. I play left-handed and recently switched to right handed guitars cuz it's a pain to find a left-handed guitar that's not black

  3. Oilid

    This is so dumb… so useless… that I've watched it twice! lol

  4. BucketheadFan230

    Lol they reviewing skills of agufish and humor of Steve makes this video ledgendary 😂😂

  5. Mat Music Gear

    This video still prouve a point. No matter how expensive your guitar is if you don't know how to play it will still sound bad. Great video IMO

  6. Janice Bedford

    I found anything you spend over $700 is just for show. Beyond that you find the same level of quality to hold a good setup. For most below the $700 you will need to add better pickups, fine tune the neck and frets. Also you might need to invest in better tuning machines. But usually that's about it. It really has to do with your skill and ability. A expensive guitar won't make you play better. Besides get something you can really dig into, break in and not worry about so much. Something you can just throw into a gig bag and go out to jam with.

  7. stanislavmigra

    Im asking here, as this is place of single cut guitar love 😀 Is there budget friendly single cut guitar with Les Paul 58 neck profile?

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