Tone Production On The Classical Guitar : Shaping, filing the fingernails


  1. Sean Contin

    Wrap sandpaper over all six strings near the sound hole, play your nails over the sandpaper, fine polish the nails on both sides with super fine micro mesh, you will achieve great sound. You can find micro mesh at guitar websites.

    Here is a demonstration from Thomas Viloteau who is also, in my opinion, one of the top classical guitarists in the world today.

    You’re welcome.

  2. DallasGreen123

    My ring finger nail lifts off from the finger much lower than the other nails, so I have to grow it longer to compensate for it, so weird.

  3. pablo lacruz

    Wish I could play well enough to worry about the shape of my nails. I just play and whatever sound comes out suits me fine.

  4. PrecsMO YinWai

    it took me 20 years to find my own ways to shape my nails. And, And. And, at last, my nail shape is pretty similar to John Williams, it works the best for me, amazingly better. I do not listen to anyone anymore, I tried so many shapes, big no for me! There is a reason why John Williams has his nails quite flat instead of rounded nor angled. Of course, this will never apply to every guitarists. But it works the best for me. Also, the top view shape of nails is not entire crucial. It is how we buff and shape the nails sectionally too!!! It took me 20 years to realise a few breakthrough factors to fix my nail flaws!!

  5. Nihilist

    i have the problem with the loud overtone on the ringfinger. ive tryed everything, but it sounds still so loud.

  6. MusicaLyra

    Dear you, Mr DPJFILMS, your advice is Excellent. I totally approve it. (and as you'll see when reading my other comments on other videos, I am a big ranter and always complain). Your video is just legendary and I send it to whoever needs to know more about guitarists nails. A big thanks.

  7. Rickyfromphilly

    Though I have given up on nylon strings, I am playing Jazz, and prefer to use my nails. Would you happen to know if steel/nickel strings care as much as nylons?

  8. Arjuna 1

    i play very much and often hard i see that the nail is a bit leaving the flesh.. is there any tipp? i have the feeling it doesnt grow together

  9. Nicole Bannach

    my 'a' nail never seems quite right tone wise, I've tried shaping it in many different ways, but it's just naturally very curled and hard to kind of flatten out for a good tone, if that makes sense

  10. LuckyLicks

    "You can remove weeks of good growth in a couple of files" applies to 'ol life as well, doesn't it. 🙂

  11. octavariumSK

    lol I just let mine grow 1 centimeter and shape then with a pointy aspect, I find it better for the style I play, but then again it's just an opinion because lol I can't realy play fingerstyle without huge nails.

  12. Swade Neilson

    The part of the nail i.e  left or right side that touches the string depends on the angle of the hand to the string.
    Therefore very important to have the guitar placed correctly-Ana vidovic has virtuoso technique in this respect.

  13. Jsivanandham

    hi..quite a good demo with the safe and better sounding quality tips and steps of filing especially just before the performance etc..well, could u also suggest some tips for strengthening a brittle nail or so would also be so kind of u..thanks so much..warm cheers..siva..india..(guitsiva)..

  14. rassoul ahmadi

    thx sire. It was my problem which never attention to that and now its realy working for me to enjoy alot….

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