Top 10 EASIEST Guitar Solos!


  1. Justin Cox

    i remember smells like teen spirit was the first solo i learnt and i thought it was so hard. now i see how simple it is

  2. C B

    This guys personality makes him very punchable. He's a living breathing douche.

  3. Doctor Green Thumb

    Since that GTA V poster is there gta has came pretty far and they are doing a very good job from a top view to first person lol

  4. Corey Walvatne

    His rhythm back tracks sound like the midi version of "Empire" that August Burns Red did

  5. Frank Carlson

    Another solo is Well O.K Honey by Jenny O. I don't really like the song, but it's o.k.

  6. angga dinata

    If anyone dislike Steve, then people will say these. 'Who are you , you don't even that famous or you must be lil wayne fans or Can you play as good as Steve does. Well being a guitarist is not only the skills matters you have a good personality too. I prefer not be able to play guitar for my whole life than having personality like Steve does.

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