Universal Blues fingerstyle ~picking~ Pattern! (-Guitar Lesson-)


  1. GiveOrLooseIt


    Starting from the "Top" string: Bass=> 3 fret-Ring finger, 5th string (second from the top) 2 fret-Middle finger, 4th, 3d & 2nd string open (No press) and the first string "E" Index finger.

    Hope this helps.

    God Bless my friend.


  2. ThereIsNoGodButI

    Thank you very much. Finger picking has been such a daunting feat to me but you shined some light onto it. Kudos.

  3. GiveOrLooseIt

    Actually… no.
    the chord progretion C-F-C-G7-C
    can be more than 1000000 deferent songs. 🙂
    in this case is "The Midnight Special" Blues song.

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