AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie Guitar Lesson (Second Solo)



    Hey I know you only do guitar lesson videos but could you do anesthesia (pulling teeth) by Metallica lesson on bass plz

  2. iLelik

    Please , do a lesson onAndy Timmons – I Remember Stevie

  3. Adam Page

    Will you please do a lesson on “Jet City Woman” by Queensryche? I’d love to learn it and you’re the only person I trust.

  4. Ellie Williams

    Can you please make a guitar tutorial of Maroon 5 – Wont go home without you? Thanks carl

  5. Lex Pullman

    I wasted so much time when I first started playing guitar practicing ac/dc.
    I feel this one of the most common pitfalls of a beginner guitarist.
    Angus has such a unique and specialized style it really doesn’t fit with when anyone is going to do, and NONE of us aren’t going to actually go out and perform AC/DC tunes for anyone.
    If later in your guitar career you want to be in a AC/DC tribute band then sure. But for now just learn what you’re actually gonna paly

  6. Real Link

    Hey Carl! I was wondering, do you prefer to use your ring finger instead of your pinkie finger in certain cases? I was watching your “since I’ve been loving you” tutorial and I found myself using my pinkie for parts that you used your ring.

    Ps loving the tutorials brother, keep em coming.🤘

  7. Pèter Nagy-Győr

    This is why Angus Young is underrated. Look at the Let There Be Rock performance,or just look at this solo. This guy is a freaking legend.

  8. gmss025

    hey. Can you do some more Ozzy? It's this cool song on the No more thears album called Desire. Would be cool if you did that one. Thanks as always.

  9. Sayssio PVP

    Hey could you make an entiere tuto on No more lies ? Iron Maiden Dance of the death, there is absolutly ANY tuto of this great song. You would be my hero.

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