Chill Soulful Groove Guitar Backing Track Jam in A


  1. Dana Everhart

    A7sus4 to A7 is such a great suspension don't you all agree? WELL DO YA??? SUBSCRIBE FOR More new TRAX! Every day! Every way!

  2. Micah Headlee

    Question about modes: Can anyone explain to me exactly how I should match modes to backing tracks? Like Say A Mixolydian. Does a backing track in A work for that or what?

  3. Vincent  Adriaanse

    You make the best backing tracks on YouTube by far. I like how you have some progression changes in your tracks, as most backing tracks made by others don't. What would be cool too, is a backing track with some odd modulations in it, makes it a nice challenge.

  4. Sanghoon Lee

    I have subscribed you almost 1 year and half. I appreciate your job! Thank you 😀

  5. Dima

    Damn, you deserve so many more subscribers foe the amazing work you are doing for us. Thank you for those tracks it steals all the time from my boring practice :))

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