Derby porcelain tureen repair


  1. M Scott

    Is this Chinese? It looks like early 19th century Derby.

  2. pasteleiro98

    Did you filmed the all restoration? May we/i see it? I'd loved it! I have a chronical disease, and I'm learning so much with this videos, and i finally can work, in this area, from home, of corse, in my country. i'm so happy and gratefull to you. Thank you so much! I'm your number one fan! 🙂

  3. pekoe46

    Just wanted to mention you do excellent work. Love watching and learning.

  4. pekoe46

    Another Q: why did you use the epoxy that you made the mold of to "glue" it onto the foot, instead of the stuff you used on the arm of the "Uriela" statue? thanks again

  5. pekoe46

    Do you use the same kind of mold material to make a 3D piece? Like having to make an arrow – would you stick the arrow into the mold and remove the arrow next day? Or would you use some other mold material? thanks

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