EASY F Chord Guitar Lesson Fmaj7 On Guitar (Beginners Course Level 5 02)


  1. Dattucha

    the way he says "you can downLOAD this video" is pretty hilarious

  2. Tom Hall

    hi andy, loved your lesson on 'Aint no sunshine' – Bill Withers, i was hoping you could come up with a way to play 'She's always a woman to me' which is a beautiful song but all the other tutorials are too advanced for me :/

  3. Johannes Hörterer

    Hey Andy, do you think that beginners who just started playing the guitar need a professional teacher(private lessons) or that they can get good just by using information from the internet, for example youtube videos etc…? Greetings from Germany! 🙂

  4. Wormweed

    I found the F chord easier to play after i played more power chords, since its almost the same as the F power chord. So changing from F power chord to F chord was a lot easier, for me at least. Just lay down the finger to create a bar chord, and add the pinky to the f power chord. The fingering used in F power chord is used in a million rock songs, all over the fretboard, for different power chord notes. Might not be this way for others, but i found it easier at least.

  5. Marcus Ng

    I've always taught the Dm7 as the "easy F" chord. Then again, you have to stay strictly in the bottom strings.

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