Jambalaya by Hank Williams Two-chord Series Easy Guitar Lesson


  1. Jerre

    The strumming pattern confuses me a little bit.

  2. Tori Redlund

    I am having an issue figuring out how many counts each chord is played. When are you supposed to switch between the C and the G chord in the song?

  3. Finnigan Rowe

    I love this song! I love your videos and I like the message in the end. Your so awesome! keep rocking:)

  4. Rae Lynn

    hello, I just started playing guitar and am definitely not the best. Can someone explained the strum pattern in words like, down down up etc? Great video and gave me a great idea of what I'm doing.

  5. xero jt

    spay and nutter since when has deadpool (btw you look like ryan renolds) been concerned about protected sex lol

  6. Ñěđŕø Ñîš

    thanks men . just i have problem with the bar chord like fa. or si i don't know how i make the bar tnx

  7. van1976

    Hank is always worth a stop by…
    5 Stars for a 2 Chord song…!

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