London Calling – The Clash Guitar Lesson Intro with Michael Casswell Licklibrary


  1. bridgfordbill

    i play fmaj7th nd i think it sounds the best. would love to know for sure what he plays

  2. Rick Fleishman

    The second chord, if you play it as demonstrated here – C E G B – is actually a C Major seventh (CMa7). Some sheet music says it's an FMa7sus2, BTW, which is what I hear as well. That's essentially a CMa7 chord with an 'F' added as the root. If played at the eighth fret, the 'G' on the second string displaces the the 'A' that should be in the chord. Another sheet music source says it's FMa7 which is totally wrong to my ear. I dunno; it's only rock 'n roll. Play what sounds good to you.

  3. Rich0078

    You are what you eat. I ate a potato. Therefore, I am a potato.

  4. Troia

    Great pick. The Clash are one of the most underrated bands of the 20th century. Most people know Rock the Casbah and that is about it. People totally forget them as early pioneers into the World Music movement, with Sandinista! being a prime example of such an attempt to steer towards a broad musical arsenal.

  5. biuemusic5

    the second chord of the intro wouldn't really be considered an e anymore – it's a C chord, in its first inversion, with a seventh on top (b). great video as usual – love licklibrary!

  6. Jam Camp

    Nice strat Cazz… And the LP behind ya is pretty sick as well…

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